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Currently located in Wonderland, NYC
Make up, lingerie, boys & books.
I'm in love with a guy named Jack.

Curiosity leads to discovery.

My princess baby I love her 😻🙈
& I’ll savor every moment of this. 
#theused #bertmccracken #nyc (at Best Buy Theatre New York City)
No matter where you go, remember 2 things. Me & New York (at cagney’s  castle )
Quantity vs Quality
Kory’s comfy couch.
Hallaaaaaaaa at the Hall girls 😽
Happy birthday Mr. @gerardway 
Room for milk.  (at Crumbs Bake Shop)
Sayyyyy hi to you’re new apartment. I’ve been subleasing this lovely room, but the time has come for me to leave. The apartment is in Bushwick near the m & l trains. Here’s the listing;
Feel free to message/text/email me any questions. ❤️🏡